Poems by Kaushik Sanyal

Kaushik scribbles emotions, swims deeper in his memories yearning for a revisit.In his own words...

" In a quest to explore the depths of emotions when I started to write it became the perfect meditation of my life. Though it has been a busy life but I never miss a chance to write. I soon realized that words can offer so much more in this world."


"Still Untitled"

Looking at your picture,
One must’ve said,
I am looking at someone,
I can never forget .
The Deeper I see you,
The Deeper I sink.
The Eyes of Yours,
Can be described as Ocean.
Like Air and Water,
I need Everyday.
Your Smile Is a Gift,
That Keeps The Tears Away,
If the beautiful Orchids,
Are the Greatest creations of gods.
Then you are my dear,
The queen amongst all.
With strokes of my pen,
I am describing that Angel.
Whom I’ve seen in my dreams,
Since my Childhood days.
I wish her be happy,
forever and ever.
and I dedicate my every Emotion,
Only towards her.

A Confession

I don’t know from where to start,
I don’t have words to express,
Because whenever I’ve seen it,
I had been a perfect looser
The Time is not with me
The dark clouds are also moving with me
In these circumstances
When I see those eyes
That facial expression
Which had changed because of me
That soft emotion
Which is hurt by me
After realizing what I’ve done
Even I can’t dare to die.
I don’t know what , actually what happened to me
Maybe the dark side is possessing me.
For first time I feel that am no good
Maybe ive only tried to be one.
This is all because of few drops,
That is so pure,
& it makes me feel more impure.
Those drops are really have power
A power that can change the course;
The course of a relationship.
A power that can break anything;
It can break hearts.
Though I feel sorry now
But now it makes no sense.
Oh! God, I am sorry
It was just this once
I can’t take this anymore
because what I've done is now past.
But it will have an impact;
An Impact that’ll affect the future
The future which I’ve not seen
And that’s why it makes me more afraid
Because the effect would surely be bad,
Or it may be worse.
But now I will make a confession
A confession that will prove, I am weak.
Because In this world,
There is only one think I fear,
That is only few drops of TEAR...!!!

The Aftermath
( A Sequel to "A Confession")

There is no way, from where I am standing,
Is it a dead end, or is it just my illusion?
Is this the end,or a new beginning ?
Is this true,or am I just dreaming?
I was searching reasons for living.
But I found several ways of death.
I was seeking reasons for happiness,
Instead many pains went through me.
I tried everything to get my smile back,
But my every effort had a lack.
Now Iam just left with beautiful memories,
Memories that remain in my soul.
And also I’ve those painful thoughts,
Thoughts that tears my soul apart.
Though my eyes have hidden these pain,
But my heart cannot stop crying.
As life is just a game,
And iam just another sportsman.
I’ll continue playing.
I know these are just dark times,
And happiness will again chime.
But this time I’ll make it different.
My smile may come with a fear,
My fear may come with a Pain,
But this time even pain will come with a Hope.
I promise myself that,
No doubt, there’ll be everything,
But except that five letter word,
The word I fear the most.
Those who know me better,
They know that it is “TEARS”.


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