Jane Eyre - A thoughtful journey

Whenever we are depressed we want someone to relate to. And what can be more relatable than a book. I find same relating and inspiring element in the novel JANE EYRE which was penned down in nineteenth century by Charlotte Bronte.
                 It revolves around the life of a girl, from her childhood to marriage. While reading it I was so much engrossed in the story that I felt as if I know Jane personally. It took few days to complete and every time I picked it up, there was an excitement to know more about Jane. Her childhood was not normal. It was in fact tough. I felt pity when her cousin hits her, at the same time, I felt hatred for her savage aunt and cousins. It imparts a sense for the kind of life an orphan child leads all around the world.
                 Anyway,  at that instant I wanted Jane to run away which obviously she doesn’t do. When she is sent to boarding school I feel great that now she could live the way she wants to. But life is itself the biggest struggle which has no end. When she searches for a job then it feels like now her life will be balanced. But her hardships don’t end here too. But she faces everything without compromising with her self respect.
                                   Jane represents every girl next door. This is not just a story but an expression of life. Whatever Jane does feels right as if everything is happening as should happen. I was remorseful; surprised as well shocked at the twists and turns of life but at the same time I admired Jane for her brashness. I enjoyed her vibe towards life. I loved her when she was in love. I liked her acceptance the way she was. I adored her simplicity. I fancied her kindness and caring attitude. I not just loved the story but lived it. I felt as if Jane was my friend. I think if anyone has to go for a classic which can relate to life in a better way, if it feels like its over, if nothing seems right and have no idea about what’s going on, then just skim through the pages of this novel.
It’s a fascinating and a thoughtful read.


Shrishti is one of the budding writers from patna university.


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