To the Women - a letter by Neha Shama

Dear Women ,
we are strong ,smart and independent and also responsible. We have many perils around,we have been suppressed by the regressive society of which we are an equal part for long.
Let's change where we are and how we are.
Let us claim our power.
We shall bring feminist movements to actions and I am sure all men would support us only if we do not exploit the resources to our advantage. If we want equal rights ,we should be equally ready to give upon the privileges that being women brings along. We shouldn't be exploiting the rape and dowry and laws to avenge old hatreds or to get personal benefits. We should stop slut shaming our own gender.
Men and the society will follow once we ourselves become united and give ourselves to the cause. It is our own actions that are not letting the change come.
Not all women are wrong.
But then the wrong ones are making a deeper impact. Let the world not fear the change we want. It is essential for everyone.
Give power to the right ones and they won't misuse it.
Ladies ,we should becomes idols of inspiration for our daughters to emulate and for our sons to look up to. This depends on our strength ,resilience and courage. Because the world is not going to change ,but we can. 
It is time to redefine 'feminism' from 'advocating equal rights for women ' to 'showing the world the true potential of the power women possess."

(Neha "Shama"'s works are frequently published in various magazines and newspapers. Neha feels that her writing is a meeting space for what is possible and what is impossible.)


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