Yuva Kavita #10 Shristi

Shristi is doing my MA in English from BHU. 
She says- I write because it's the only thing that gives me satisfaction.

ETERNAL Not the distance but you mattered, And for once I wasn't scattered, I was fierce and I loved, I was brutal and it continued, You left and left a scar, This night is long and far, It will frown in your name, Murmurs of wind will pierce hard, I disparage fame, But, incompleteness are their own bard, And then words will evolve, Out of blues, out of seas, out of black, out of dark, Then a prolonged slumber will dissolve, Inside an unheard lark, I am heartless and it's forever. FAILED TO FEEL Life wanted to taste heights but it had to fall, It had to survive the failing, Only to land on land, It had to breathe keeping itself down, It had to drown, To caress the depth, To feel the absolved, Life had to fail, To stand down, To be out of rhythm, To be a miracle, unexampled, And I being part of it followed, The rituals, anomalous.


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