Editorial post - Amidst all the horrors, the real horror is the realization of our own guilt : Asiya Naqvi

I unlocked my laptop and the moment I typed "jai hind", my password, I was questioned by my ghoul,

'Are you a muslim?'
'Are you a nationalist?'

you must be thinking what this ghoul is?

This web series is about a demon  which was called by a helpless human being when he failed to made his daughter understand the difference between patriotism and jingoism.
A man named shahnawaz Rahim who questioned the way of the mission of' wapasi  'of those who had mentally  crossed the boundary set  by the nationals but were living inside the nation.'

A Ghoul exists in  everyone regardless of caste,creed,region and religion but is mostly dormant.The whole series can also be taken as a thriller and scary drama but it had a deeper implication where the ghoul is nothing but the guilty conscience projected as the most repulsive image which can instill instant cacophobia.

Amidst all the horrors, the real horror is the realization of our own guilt.
we need to fight with our own follies.

The series was filled with many metaphorical images and scenes with a distinct classification of terrorism- the most prominent being intellectual terrorism supported by jingoistic terrorism.

Ghoul which is presented as a demon, killed people by making them see what they were hiding from themselves- their weaknesses, their guilt of not accepting it, denying the loudest voices within themselves.

The ghoul was called by an intellectual old man whose way of showing his disagreement to the irrational ways of government is to read the literature which was banned and was against the prescribed reading. He was taken as an anti national and because of that even his daughter who was suffering from a chronic case of jingoism considered him as a threat to her nation and to her over-brimming patriotism.

The way of calling ghoul was also very metaphorical as it was called by an intellectual by engraving a symbol which was more like a loop connecting the hyperactive conscience of an intellectual with the dormant consciences of ordinary people.It suggests the ultimate fact - the role of litterateur and intellectuals is to uncover the concealed mediocrity of the society.

There was a dialogue that ‘zyada mushkil hota hai intellectuals ko samjhana’ said by one of the best interrogating officers.

What I found interesting was the description of the ghoul given by a character called  maulvi. (another anti national convict) This demon,ghoul eats the flesh of the human beings , symbolic of a flesh gnawing guilt-   a guilt a person feels when his conscience stands right before him- it is no less than the scariest demon, an inescapable situation !

(Asiya Naqvi is a poet)   


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