Silversands (previous editions)

Silversands was Commonplace's periodical little magazine which was published in Patna University for a whole year along with the newsletter, Hearth.

Here are the links to two of the previous editions of the journal which we decided to bring online just for the sake of  keeping the golden memories closer to ourselves.

Hearth was immensely popular and published paintings and cartoons as well. It continues as the official Commonplace blog.





मील के पत्थर

पटना में चल रही ग़ैर-कविताओं और यहाँ के अ-कवियों के बारे में सोचते हुए कविता के एक ठेकेदार के रफ़ नोट्स - अंचित

आज चंद्र्ग्रहण है - निशान्त

जब तक आदमी का होना प्रासंगिक है कविता भी प्रासंगिक है - कुमार मुकुल